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The History Of Sound Shark Audio

KLOVER MiK 09 parabolic mic
prototype-NFC-web-214x300Sound Shark Audio is the consumer products division of Klover Products, Inc. Klover Products was incorporated in 2012 in order to produce parabolic microphones for Fox Sports to use on the sidelines of NFL and college football games. This photo shows the prototype the very first prototype parabolic microphone on the sidelines of the NFC Championship in January of 2012. This prototype was so well liked that Fox wanted to purchase fifty units for the next season. That order led to the formation of Klover Products.

In 2013 we introduced a smaller parabolic microphone based to meet the needs of baseball. The larger unit actually had too much reach for a baseball park. This fact was realized at the 2012 MLB All-Star game when the parabolic microphones behind home plate picked up the waterfalls in the outfield of Kauffman Stadium. This 16-inch parabolic has since gone on to be used at the All-Star game, league championships, and the World Series.

An even smaller parabolic microphone, the Klover MiK 09, was introduced in the Spring of 2014 based on a suggestion from a freelance producer at the 2013 NAB convention. This producer specialized in reality television and wanted an alternative to microphones on a boom pole as boom pole had a noticable affect on the behavior of the actors.

During our product testing of the Klover MiK 09 we discovered that there was a huge level of interest in a user-friendly version of this product. The Sound Shark was created to meet that need and Sound Shark Audio was created to produce and market the new product.

More details of the story will be coming!

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Klover Products is now a leading manufacturer of parabolic microphones. The KLOVER MiK is used across the globe – trusted by major networks, such as FOX, CBS, and ESPN, as well as universities and government agencies.


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