Can You Help Us Build On Our Data Base?

Do you know what microphone connector my camera has?

People often ask us what type of microphone they need for their camera or recorder. Obviously we can’t say for sure but we have created a list of devices to try to help people out. Would you please let us know if you have information about a device that isn’t on our list? We would really appreciate it.

Just email it to us or use the form on our Contact Us page.

DeviceType of JackPlug-In Power
Canon 5D3 DSLR3.5mm StereoYes
Sony Alpha A7 DSLR3.5mmYes
Sony NEX-7 Mirroless Camera3.5mmYes
Nikon D300s DSLR3.5mmYes
Lumix GH3 Mirrorless3.5mm StereoYes
Fuji X-E2 Mirrorless2.5mm StereoNo
Zoom H1 Recorder3.5mmYes
Zoom H4 Recorder3.5mmYes
Olympus WS821 Recroder3.5mm StereoYes
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