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KLOVER MiK 09 Parabolic Mic Sample Videos

We recently received some sample videos from one of our customers and we wanted to share them with the world. They both show the excelent audio recording of a human voice that the small parabolic microphone .

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Can I Use A Mono Microphone With My Stereo Camera

Most modern cameras, and recorders, provide a stereo microphone jack (a left channel and a right channel) but most microphones come with a mono (single channel) connector. All the cameras (and recorders) that we’ve worked with take that single channel and put on one channel (often the left channel).

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A New Sound Shark Review

A New Sound Shark Review

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/2"] Dan Weecks reviews the strengths and weaknesses of the Sound Shark in his new review video.  Dan operates Weecks...

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