Klover MiK 007 Magazine Ad Shoot

Klover Products commissioned a full-page ad the next edition of HDProGuide magazine.

On this page you can see actual video taken during the photo shoot as well as behind the scenes photo and a copy of the ad itself.

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Clicking on the image below will provide more information on the Klover MiK.KloverMiK-26-400x400

Yes, the Klover MiK was the audio source for this video.  There were no wireless microphones.  The audio engineer wasn’t comfortable putting that gear out on the water.

This video was shot during the photo shoot for a magazine ad for the Klover MiK 26 parabolic microphone.  Hear for yourself what the Klover MiK can do.

HDProGuide Ad

Look for this ad on the back cover of the upcoming issue of HDProGuide magazine.

You may be interested in hearing how this audio engineer used the Klover MiK in a difficult application, capturing an airshow while eliminating the announcer on the P.A. system.

More Images From the Photo Shoot