Klover Box 16 Enclosure

The Klover Box is an enclosure that allows a Klover MiK 16 parabolic microphone to be safely located against the backstop of a baseball diamond.

The wire mesh protects the parabolic from tipped balls. The parabolic can also be accurately “aimed” or “targeted” without moving the enclosure away from the backstop wall. Three adjusting screws, accessible through the wire mesh, allow the microphone to be “aimed” in all three axes. The KB-16 is approximately 24” tall, 27” wide, and 14” deep. The enclosure can be provided with padded panels in any color. The padded panels can be easily changed if a color change is required or removed if the parabolic is located within an existing structure.


Klover MiK Road Cases

We have a variety of heavy duty road cases, constructed of ABS and aluminum, that safely transport 2 or 4 Klover MiK 26 parabolic microphones. SHOP NOW

Klover MiK Waterproof Cases

When secure, water tight transportation is required you can count on this rock-solid case. SHOP NOW

Klover MiK Cases & Bags

We offer a variety of light-weight cases and bags for protection and transportation of your Klover MiK. SHOP NOW


Klover MiK 26 MonoPod Mount

This module lets you mount your Klover MiK 26 on a monopod, tripod, or Magic Arm. It replaces the standard rear cross bar. It is light weight, durable, and easy to use. SHOP NOW

Klover MiK 16 Hard Mount

This optional module replaces the handle and lets you hard mount your Klover MiK 16 on a Magic Arm. The plate is clear polycarbonate to minimize the visual obstruction. SHOP NOW

Klover MiK 16 Sound Shield

This optional module lets you hard mount your Klover MiK 16 while providing extra isolation for sound that may be picked up from behind the dish. The dish is clear polycarbonate to minimize the visual obstruction. SHOP NOW