KM-26 Test Results

According to the audio engineer who tested our first prototype, the Klover MiK produced definition and clarity that was twice that of our competitor.The “True” parabolic shape of the collector dish focuses all of the sound energy on a single point.

The Non-parabolic shape of our competitor’s dish focuses the sound energy on different locations. Only a small portion of the sound energy is focused on the microphone.

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Parabolic Reflector


Non-Parabolic Reflector


For the More “Technically Minded”

  • Many parabolic microphones use reflector dishes that are not a true parabolic shape. The idea is to allow the microphone to be adjusted or “focused” to a particular target distance. For example, you can place the pickup microphone at a certain point if you want to focus in on sounds 100 feet away from the microphone and a different point if you want to focus in on sounds 300 feet away from the microphone.

  • However, in order to focus sounds arriving from different distances at different points the parabolic shape of the dish must be compromised. The result is that most of the sound is not focused on the electronic pickup.