Operator Comfort of the Klover MiK 26 Parabolic Microphone

The audio signal produced by a parabolic microphone is greatly influenced by the operator that is using it. If the operator is not looking down the length of the pickup microphone they will not be pointing the microphone with any accuracy.If the operator is fatigued he is less likely to be using the microphone properly. In order to reduce fatigue and discomfort the design of the Klover MiK considered operator comfort. Parabolic Microphone Operators.The weight has been minimized by using carbon fiber components.

Klover Mik 26 on NFL sidelines

In addition, a contoured neck pad has been incorporated. We have also simplified the adjustment of the neck strap by utilizing cam operated strap adjusters. This allows the operator to quickly and easily make minor adjustments to maximize comfort. Lastly, the handles of the Klover MiK provide both a horizontal and vertical grip position. This feature allows the operator to alternate hand positions to reduce fatigue.