Operator Safety Features of the Klover MiK 26 Parabolic Microphone

Our competitor uses PVC to construct their handles. PVC is brittle and creates sharp, spear-like edges if broken.We use carbon fiber tubes to build the handles and mic yoke. These tubes crush into small pieces and lose all integrity when they break.
For addition protection, all protruding studs have been removed from the front of the dish.

On October 28, 2012 Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys crashed into a parabolic operator on the sidelines of Cowboy Stadium after an incomplete pass. The operator received 17 stitches caused by his eyeglasses being driven into his forehead.

However, the operator was not injured by the Klover MiK itself, because the handles broke exactly as designed.

(The dish itself was not damaged and the unit was back in use the next weekend.)

Cowboy Stadium
Dallas Cowboys crashed