KLOVER MiK Stealth: Video is Just the Beginning

When it comes to surveillance, what you see is only half the story. Being able to hear the subject can make all the difference.

For long-range audio, the KLOVER MiK parabolic microphone is unmatched in range, clarity and focus.

The KLOVER Mik line of parabolic microphones is available in three sizes with ranges from 30 to over 500 feet. The smallest size can be used to monitor checkpoints, interrogation rooms, or short range surveillance. The large models are ideal for medium to long-rang surveillance.

The Stealth version of KLOVER MiK has been created specifically for our security and military customers. Components and labels that could draw attention have been removed or replaced. The dish is a translucent grey with a scuffed front face to minimize the chance of being observed.

Modular Design for Ultimate Flexibility!

Its modular design allows the KLOVER MiK to be used in a multitude of ways.

It can be:

Placed on a tripod,


Hand-held by an operator,

Hung on the wall,


Mounted on a stationery bracket,

Mounted on top of a camera,


Or mounted on a pan / tilt mechanism 


The motion of the pan / tilt mechanism can be controlled remotely, or duplicate the motion of a surveillance camera.


Noise Reduction!

Hear more of what you want, less of what you don't!

In surveillance applications it is important for speech to be clear and easily understood to to ensure that no vital information is lost.
The tight pickup pattern of the KLOVER MiK Stealth can be enhanced with a unique product to maximize the quality of the audio that is captured.

mixpre3 ii angle
mixpre3 ii front

Noise reducing amplifier

When the target subject is on a city street, or near some other noise source, reducing the area of the pickup pattern may not be enough. Klover Products is proud to offer an extremely capable mixer / amplifier with noise reducing capabilities included.

  • PReal-time and post processing
  • PAdjustable level of noise reduction – up to 20 dB
  • PSaves processed and unprocessed audio
  • PAudio saved to SD memory card with over 24 hour capacity
  • P32 bit recordings provide the ultimate in dynamic range which allows very low level signals to be amplified, or extremely high signal levels turned down, during playback
  • PPowered by AA batteries, AC power, or hot swappable readily available L-type batteries
  • PProcessed audio can be sent to command post
  • PInstructions from command post can be heard by operator on separate audio channel
  • PRemote control via smartphone interface
  • PMounts directly to the KLOVER MiK handle
  • PApproximate dimensions: 1.40” x 5.68” x 4.35” (without batteries)
  • PUnit comes pre-configured for the KLOVER MiK which almost eliminates the learning curve

How KLOVER MiK Stealth Compares:

To Other Parabolic Microphones

Many other parabolic microphones aren’t a true parabolic shape, which makes the audio “muddy” as sound waves bounce inefficiently within the dish. Some use a soft material so the dish can be rolled up for easier transport, but the sound “passes through” the thin plastic and doesn’t amplify lower frequencies. The KLOVER MiK is a true parabolic shape – created to tolerances of only a few thousandths of an inch – which allows for normal conversation to be heard from over 500 feet in ideal conditions. The dish is also made with ballistics-grade plastics for superior sound isolation and clarity.

To Laser Microphones

Laser microphones are incredible tools but they are extremely expensive and their setup is terribly sensitive. If there are no obstructions between the observer and the subject, a parabolic microphone is a much simpler and effective tool.

To Microphone Arrays

Microphone arrays typically use a set of flat microphone elements connected to very sophisticated computer hardware. The cost and complexity make parabolic microphones a much simpler solution.

It All Starts with the Dish

While called a parabolic microphone, the KLOVER MiK is technically a collector dish. As sound waves hit its true parabolic shape, they bounce toward a single point in the middle, where a microphone is placed. Its unique design amplifies all noises in front while muffling all sounds behind. The shape of the dish is critical to performance — KLOVER MiKs are created to tolerances of only a few thousandths of an inch.

Thick, ballistics-grade plastics in each KLOVER MiK not only insulate the microphone from background noise, they also prevent any movement within the actual dish, which would disrupt sound clarity. This rigid plastic also provides ideal reflectivity for sound waves.