Our First Cine Gear Expo

We were thrilled to attend our first Cine Gear Expo June 3rd and 4th.   Our partner, Patrick Santini, invited us to join him in the ModTruss booth.  He had some very interesting equipment on display and we were glad to be a part of it.

We met a lot of interesting people over the two days, from all over the world, with all sorts of applications for long-distance microphones.  The great part was that none of that applications were sports related!  We surprised a lot of people with the quality audio that can be captured by a parabolic.

We had the privilege of doing two different interviews while at Cine Gear.  The first interview was done by Nikki Broeckelmann from Broadcast Beat Magazine.  Her cameraman actually used our 9-inch parab to record the intro for an interview she did with Patrick (seen here).

Our interview with Broadcast Beat(Watch the interview here!)

I was also interviewed by Aaron Sanchez of Hollywood Social Lounge.  Aaron has a lot of fun doing his job.  He actually spotted our small parabolic mic on top of our camera, saying that he had been looking for just such a product on an earlier project.

Our Interview with Hollywood Social Lounge(Watch the interview here!)

If you are involved in video production, you may want to check out Cine Gear 2017.  I’m sure we will go again – maybe in our own booth.

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