A PERFECT Job for Sound Shark

How does the Sound Shark handle keeping up with a souvenir photography businesses in one of America’s most popular destinations in downtown Chicago?  FANTASTIC!   This video shows the set up used everyday in the Skydeck.   The reason that Sound Shark won over the popular shotgun mic is the number of visitors in one day creates a noisy work area making the need to reduce the distracting background noise while still allowing the recording of multiple subjects.

Hybrid photo expert Will Crockett helps companies move from selling “still photos only” into selling still photos and video. He calls the “eProducts” and thinks that as printed photo product sales decline, eProduct sales can easily replace those missing sales. One way is by working with the large volume “souvenir” or special event shooters. Here’s Will on location where the best solution for the job was to use a Sound Shark.
For more information on the Sound Shark see the website https://soundsharkaudio.com

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