Shure MVL 3.5mm TRS Lapel Mic (Bundle)

The Shure MVL 3.5mm TRS Lapel Mic is a omni-directional lavalier microphone with a 3.5mm TRRS connector.  This microphone does not require any external (Plug-in) power to operate.  It is perfect for smartphones, tablets, or cameras that don’t provide power to the mic.

To maximize compatibility, this mic is shipped with a TRRS to TRS converter which allows it to be used with cameras as well as a headphone / microphone splitter.

An audio adapter is typically required when connecting this mic to a smartphone.  A TRS audio splitter will split a single TRRS connector into two separate TRS connectors, one for microphone and one for the headphones.  A USB-C to TRRS adapter will do the same for Android phones.  These adapters are available under the “Adapter” section of accessories selection area of your bundle.  A Firewire to audio adapter will allow a microphone to be connected to an Apple phone but not wired headphones.

When recording on a smartphone you usually want to use a recording app that lets you monitor your audio as you are recording.  This will greatly increase the chances of getting your shot on the first try.

This product is CE certified.

(This item is only available as part of a bundle.)


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