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  • KB-16-Enclosure
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  • KB-16-Enclosure
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  • KB-16 without panels
  • KB-16-Enclosure

Klover Box 16 Enclosure


The Klover Box is an enclosure than supports and protects a Klover MiK 16 parabolic microphone. The enclosure is constructed with an aluminum extrusion frame with a unique mounting system that allows the angle of the parabolic to be adjusted vertically and horizontally without disturbing enclosure.

The padded top and side panels can be provided in the color of your choice and are interchangeable so the color can change to match the venue.

The enclosure can be provided without padded covers for situations where the mounting frame will be located inside an existing enclosure.

If a complete unit is desired, the enclosure can be matched with the Klover MiK 16 parabolic collector (without handle) and a Countryman B3, or a Klover Equalized microphone.

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The enclosure is approximately 24” tall, 27” wide, and 14” deep.

Without pads, the enclosure is approximately 21” tall, 21” wide, and 11” deep.

Demonstration of the Setup Process

Klover Kase 26 Road Case for 2 MiKs
Klover MiK 16 Hard Mount Bracket


Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 17 in
Order Processing

This product is built to order. Delivery is normally four to six weeks. The padding will not be completed until a color sample is approved. Contact us for details.

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