The Sound Shark Is Designed to Protect Your Camera!

Any time that you mount an accessory to your camera’s flash shoe there is the potential for your camera to be damaged if that accessory takes a hard hit or if the camera is dropped with the accessory still attached.

We have included a break-away joint into the design of the Sound Shark to reduce that potential as much as possible.

The joint between the mounting block and the main frame is held together with small nylon screws. Those screws hold the Sound Shark together just fine but if the Sound Shark is hit or is hit by something else it will break away and protect your camera.

We recently created a short video that documented some of our testing of how much impact it takes to break the joint.

An 18 oz. jar dropped 12 inches will repeatedly break the joint if just two of the screws are installed. However, if you install all four nylon screws it takes 5 pounds dropped from 12 inches to break the joint. So you have can choose how strong you want the joint to be.

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