Christian Sasse Uses Sound Shark

Many vloggers struggle to capture clear audio for their video blogs.  Good audio is essential.  Nothing turns away viewers faster than bad audio.  (Click here for one of many articles on this subject.)

The Sound Shark turns a lapel mic, that you probably already have, into a flexible tool for audio capture.  That lapel mic, which only takes seconds to install into a Sound Shark, can now be placed on a desk several feet in front of one or more speakers and capture audio very similar to having each speaker wear a mic.  Only one mic is required, and a wider field of view is possible because the mic doesn’t have to be so close to the speaker.

The typical issues facing lapel mics such as clothes rubbing against the mic, RF interference, or battery failures are also eliminated with a Sound Shark.  In addition, speakers can be captured even if they are not speaking directly to the microphone – the audio drop off as the speaker turns their head is much less than when a they are wearing a lapel mic.


Sample Clip

This sample clip demonstrates the clear audio captured from a speaker in front of a Sound Shark.  (Don’t worry. The first 15 seconds of the video has no audio.)

Sasse Video

In this video, nature photographer and blogger, Christian Sasse, explains why he uses the Sound Shark when streaming.

Check out Christian’s blog and Facebook page.

Sasse Article
Christian Sasse Uses Sound Shark

Why would a vlogger use the Sound Shark? Christian Sasse, a nature photographer and vlogger, explains why in this article.

“One major advantage of this is that I can point the microphone in one direction and capture audio from an alternative direction. This allows me to do an interview with excellent sound quality, all while using a standard microphone. It’s also very easy to switch between microphones because of the ease at which I can position it within the Sound Shark.” 

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Your Story

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