Klover Products was born from creating a custom product based on a need. We continue this tradition of meeting each customer’s needs, even if it means engineering a new solution. Klover Kustoms have solved issues regarding mounting, installation, or end usage.


We can create custom bracketry for you to mount our parabolic microphones on poles or pipes of various sizes with various angles. This has been helpful in both broadcast as well as security applications.


We’ve designed low-profile, custom enclosures to protect parabolic mics mounted in dangerous areas, such as behind the backstop at Major League baseball games.

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Custom Enclosure Examples

Two custom parabolic microphone enclosures were created for Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays.  They were resized to fit the backstop and a shelf for an optional remote camera was added.

The Minnesota Twins also purchased two custom enclosures for Target Field.  They were resized to fit the trapezoidal opening in the  backstop.  A shelf for an optional remote camera was also added.

Two custom enclosures were also created for Minute Maid Field, home of the Houston Astros.  They were resized to fit the existing signage along the backstop.


This specialty design was created to detect drones approaching secure sites, such as government buildings. Needing coverage for a large area of sky, we designed an array of separate parabolic microphones to listen from any direction within a sector of the sky.