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Klover Products sprung from our ability to develop a custom product fitting a customer’s need.

We carry on that tradition by creating custom products based on our customer’s needs (View our About Us page to learn more.). These products can be based on our standard offerings or created from scratch.

On this page you will see a number of examples of how we have customized our standard products to fit particular requirements. We would love to create something special for you.


Capture audio within a specified range and radius.

The first example of our customizations is an array of parabolic microphones capable of providing audio coverage for an arc of 90 to 360 degrees.  We have created versions using both our 9-inch dish and 16-inch dish to provide two different ranges.


Got a Mounting Challenge?

Another example of our customization is the creation of bracketry that allows our parabolic microphones to be mounted to poles or pipes of various sizes with various angles. This bracketry allows our microphones to be used for a variety of broadcast applications as well as in security applications.


One last example of customization is our modifying our standard parabolic enclosure to meet a customer’s request.

Klover Box 26 Enclosure

This parabolic enclosure was modified to accommodate our KM-16 parabolic, which is standard, as well as our KM-26 parabolic and the customer’s legacy dishes manufactured by another supplier. We were able to modify our standard enclosure design to provide the requested flexibility with minimal changeover.

Custom KB-16 Klover Box

This parabolic enclosure was modified to accommodate our standard KM-16 parabolic  as well as a remote control camera, and fit the opening in the ballpark’s backstop.


Do you have a customization in mind? Need help finding solutions? Put us to the test.

What can we create for you? Let us know what you have in mind and we can get the process started. Please use our contact form or reference the contact info on this page if you want to learn more.

Klover Products

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