The 9” Klover MiK is perfect for mounting on a video camera or somewhere close to the action in a stadium or arena. Reach up to 30ft.  


This overview, made possible by Full Compass, is presented by Paul Terpstra of Klover Products.

Paul Terpstra is the engineer behind the science and technology that goes into the Klover MiK



The small size of the Klover MiK 09 and our dual mounting system lets the unit be mounted directly to the video camera. The cylindrical mount lets the KM-09 be mounted wherever a standard shotgun mic would normally be mounted. The block mount lets the KM-09 be mounted to a hot shoe.

No matter how you mount it, the Klover MiK 09 turns your omni-directional lapel (lavaliere) mic into a long range microphone capable of gathering audio from 30 feet, or more, while rejecting sound from behind or from the side better than a shotgun mic.

A speaker that is within 6 feet of the unit will sound as if they were wearing a mic. Hiding mic cables and troublesome transmitters are no longer a concern. Even if you mic up your speaker, a Klover MiK can be a lifesaver if something goes wrong.


The small size of the Klover MiK 09, its transparent dish, and its nondescript color make it almost disappear. If required, the frame of the KM-09 can be made from transparent polycarbonate, making it even more inconspicuous.

The dish itself shields the microphone element from the wind making the KM-09 less susceptible to wind noise. The available “dead cat” wind screen provides even more resistance to wind noise.

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  • “I first saw the Klover MiK 9-inch parabolic dish at NAB. The small size of a parab was intriguing but I wanted to hear it. NAB provides such a great platform to “try before you buy” on a variety of products. It’s like buying shoes, you got to try and see if they fit and are comfortable. Well the demo convinced me of the quality and the ‘reach’ of the parab, even though the diameter was small. I have used the parab on Wrestling and on Judo. I have mounted a wireless transmitter to the back of the parab using a homemade bracket. I then mounted the assembly onto a mic stand. Being wireless, I could put the unit closer and due to the small size of the dish, it didn’t stand out in the shot. During a fax check, I heard this ‘tearing’ noise and couldn’t figure out what it was. Finally I saw a person pulling masking tape off a roll 30 feet away from the parab! I was pretty pleased with the reach of the unit. It doesn’t have a tin can sound, nor does it have a resonant hum. Overall you could say I was pleased with my purchase, but maybe a better term would be ecstatic. Thanks for creating a great miniature parab.”   (Rodney is the author of Basic Remote TV - Field Audio Explained)

    Rodney Kobayakawa
    Rodney KobayakawaHI Pro Streaming / NEP (Retired) / Author


Klover MiK 09

The 9” Klover MiK is our smallest model available, small enough to mount or conceal just about anywhere. SHOP NOW

KLOVER MiK 09 Tote Bag

Plenty of extra pockets for your accessories, carry as a tote, sling bag, or mini backpack. SHOP NOW

KLOVER MiK 09 Wind Cover

Minimize unwanted wind noise with this cover that fits snuggly over the dish of the Klover Mik 09. SHOP NOW


Omni-directional lavaliere condenser mic with equalized output that matches characteristics of the Klover 09. SHOP NOW

Highly Compatible

The Klover MiK 09 parabolic collectors are compatible with nearly all cameras. (Just install an omni-directional lapel within the unit and connect it to your camera as you normally would.)

Long Range Pickup

The pickup range of the Klover MiK 09 is equal to, or better than, high-end shotgun microphones.

Eliminates Background Noise

The Klover MiK 09 is extremely focused and better at rejecting off-axis sounds.

Wind Resistant

The electronic pickup is located inside the parabolic dish to shield it from wind.

  • "Are you trying to bankrupt me? I'm just a poor Canadian A1. I pulled the parabolic out of the box yesterday and instantly had a ton of interest from some of the crew. My tech manager loved it. He wants one for his DSLR. He came in during the game and listened in real time. I'm sure he'll be ordering one soon. I've attached some pics of where I mounted it. Thought it was pretty ingenious. You may notice in some of the pictures a shotgun on top of the lens. Had to do the A B comparison. Well, no comparison at all. I'll take it."

    Steve Koubridis
    Steve KoubridisSound Engineer at Steve Koubridis Audio Services


Sound Shark


A Cost Effective Alternative

The Klover MiK 09 is built for day-in and day-out professional use.  If you are looking for a less expensive but only slightly less robust product, consider our small-business / consumer version called the Sound Shark.

The Sound Shark does not include the shotgun mic adapter that comes with the Klover MiK 09.  In addition, the microphone is mounted using a single clip instead of the two symmetrical clips.  This clip is easier to install and adjust but more likely to move out of adjustment when receiving the hard knocks that broadcast equipment often receive.

The Sound Shark has been great for wedding videographers and small video producers.  They appreciate its greater range, and focus it provides when compared to shotgun mics.  Visit the Sound Shark website for more information and a collection of sample videos and reviews.

  • “The amazing beauty of your product (Klover MiK-09) is that in about a minute one can use whatever lav they have as one of the world’s farthest reaching mics simply by inserting it into the parabolic dome!  One can use their lav in a sit-down interview one minute and a couple of minutes later as a fantastic shotgun. And we can easily afford to use two mics at once; one for the person talking on the left and the other for the person talking on the right.”

    Randy Gardner
    Randy GardnerFreelander Reality TV


These products are intended for broadcast, sound reinforcement, and law enforcement applications. If you record a private conversation, you are in danger of being accused of not only eavesdropping on the conversation, but wiretapping as well.