The 26-inch model has been used for sports broadcasting for years. Normal conversational level audio of can be picked up from 500 – 600 feet away.


This overview, made possible by Full Compass, is presented by Paul Terpstra of Klover Products.

Paul Terpstra is the engineer behind the science and technology that goes into the Klover MiK



The patented modular design of the Klover MiK allows individual components to be replaced if they should become damaged.  In addition, the handles and microphone yoke have been designed to sacrifice themselves in order to protect the more expensive collector dish.

The modular design allows modules to be replaced to incorporate new features. The standard cross-bar can be easily replaced with a monopod/tripod mount (A monopod greatly reduces the strain on the operator). As a small, agile company we can accommodate your special requests. In large enough quantities, we can tint the reflector dish, or print your logo on it. We can also create a custom microphone yoke to accommodate that new microphone for your audio technician. If you have a special requirement, give us a call or send us a note and we will do our best to accommodate.

The Klover MiK’s collector dish is designed to be stacked so they can be transported without scratching the critical internal surface.

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  • "In my opinion, there is really no comparison between the Big Ears Parabolic Microphone and the Klover MiK. The Klover microphone has a much tighter pickup pattern. The Klover microphone has a completely different focus method and sounds much more like a condenser shotgun microphone."

    Jason Martin
    Jason MartinJason Martin Audio


Klover MiK 26 Standard

The standard 26” model of the Klover MiK includes the dish assembly, handles, cross bar, mic yoke, and a neck strap. SHOP NOW


This model is for tactical applications and is small enough that it fits in a Pelican type case. SHOP NOW


We offer packages that include everything you need to use your Klover MiK right out of the box. SHOP NOW


Crisp & Clear Audio Recording

The Klover MiK produces definition and clarity twice that of our competitor (according to the engineer who tested the first prototype). The “True” parabolic shape of the collector dish focuses all of the sound energy on a single point. The non-parabolic shape of our competitor’s dish focuses the sound energy on different locations. Only a small portion of the sound energy is focused on the microphone.

With most parabolic microphones, movement between components causes the plastic dish to generate unwanted, irritating squeaking noises that are picked up by the microphone. However, all of the Klover MiK 26’s connections incorporate vibration isolation components to eliminate these unwanted noises.

The Technology Behind The Clarity

Many parabolic microphones use reflector dishes that are not a true parabolic shape. The idea is to allow the microphone to be adjusted or “focused” to a particular target distance. For example, you can place the pickup microphone at a certain point if you want to focus in on sounds 100 feet away from the microphone and a different point if you want to focus in on sounds 300 feet away from the microphone.

However, in order to focus sounds arriving from different distances at different points the parabolic shape of the dish must be compromised. The result is that most of the sound is not focused on the electronic pickup.

View the test results of Klover MiKs here
Klover Mik 26 on NFL sidelines

How is Extraneous Noise Eliminated? 

It is common for parabolic microphones to have two handles located on opposite sides of the dish with no support between them. As a result any movement of the handles causes the plastic dish to generate vibrations and unwanted noise that is picked up by the electronic microphone.

All connections to the Klover MiK 26’s dish incorporate vibration isolation components to eliminate these unwanted noises. In addition the handles are designed to be rigid so the operator cannot distort the dish.

Rapid motion of the dish can cause the pickup microphone itself to exert forces on the dish’s rim and create noise. We have incorporated vibration isolation components into the support for the Klover MiK 26’s pickup microphone so this noise is also eliminated.

  • "Last season I contacted Paul at Klover and he sent me a demo kit of the Klover MiK 26. I used them on one football game and was instantly sold. I heard sounds in the game that I had never heard with the Big Ears brand dish and certainly more than the Jony Shot has ever produced. I took them to the 103rd Grey Cup and we used them side by side with another product. There was no comparison! You instantly knew what parabolic mic Dave the mixer was tracking. I am happy to say I will not be using any other product on any football broadcast I am part of."

    Steve Koubridis
    Steve KoubridisSound Engineer at Steve Koubridis Audio Services
Designed for Safe, Easy, Comfortable, and Dependable Operation
Safety Features

Our competitor uses PVC to construct their handles. PVC is brittle and creates sharp, spear-like edges if broken.We use carbon fiber tubes to build the handles and mic yoke. These tubes crush into small pieces and lose all integrity when they break. For additional protection, all protruding studs have been removed from the front of the dish.

This is what happens when PVC breaks

This is how Carbon Fiber breaks

Broken component absorbs impact

This is a broken mic yoke – no strength, easy to repair

On October 28, 2012 Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys crashed into a parabolic operator on the sidelines of Cowboy Stadium after an incomplete pass. The operator received 17 stitches caused by his eyeglasses being driven into his forehead. However, the operator was not injured by the Klover MiK itself, because the handles broke exactly as designed. (The dish itself was not damaged and the unit was back in use the next weekend.)

The videos below show several examples of the dangers faced on the field of play.  (There are more of these videos on the Klover MiK page.)

Operator Comfort
Klover Mik 26 on NFL sidelines

The audio signal produced by a parabolic microphone is greatly influenced by the operator that is using it. If the operator is not looking down the length of the pickup microphone they will not be pointing the microphone with any accuracy. If the operator is fatigued he is less likely to be using the microphone properly. In order to reduce fatigue and discomfort the design of the Klover MiK considered operator comfort. Parabolic Microphone Operators. The weight has been minimized by using carbon fiber components.

In addition, a contoured neck pad has been incorporated. We have also simplified the adjustment of the neck strap by utilizing cam operated strap adjusters. This allows the operator to quickly and easily make minor adjustments to maximize comfort. Lastly, the handles of the Klover MiK provide both a horizontal and vertical grip position. This feature allows the operator to alternate hand positions to reduce fatigue.

Easy Setup

The Klover MiK can be assembled and disassembled in just seconds. This saves time and money.

The modules that make up the Klover MiK are connected using durable, easy to operate, quick-release connectors. The neck strap is attached using quick release buckles and can be quickly adjusted by the operator using Cam operated adjusters.

Zip Tie slots are also provided for securing electronic equipment and cables.

Click on the photo of the flight case to watch a video of the KM-26-TE being setup in less than two minutes.

There are also setup videos on our Support Videos page.

KM-26-TE parabolic microphone flight case
Strong RF Link
Klover MiK 26 parabolic microphone

The higher the transmitter can be located the better the RF signal will be. Obstructions on the sidelines, such as people and equipment, can block the signal being transmitted back to the mixer.

A mounting location at the very top of the collector dish allows the transmitter to be located at the highest possible location – without sacrificing the upper handle.


These products are intended for broadcast, sound reinforcement, and law enforcement applications. If you record a private conversation, you are in danger of being accused of not only eavesdropping on the conversation, but wiretapping as well.