Experience the KLOVER MiK Difference

KLOVER MiK vs. other microphones

When it comes to long-range audio, the KLOVER MiK parabolic microphone is unmatched in range, clarity and focus.

How It Compares:

To Other Parabolic Microphones

Many other parabolic microphones aren’t a true parabolic shape, which makes the audio “muddy” as sound waves bounce inefficiently within the dish. Some use a soft material so the dish can be rolled up for easier transport, but the sound “passes through” the thin plastic and doesn’t amplify lower frequencies. The KLOVER MiK is a true parabolic shape – created to tolerances of only a few thousandths of an inch – which allows for focused sound 500+ feet. The dish is also made with ballistics-grade plastics for superior sound isolation and clarity.

To Shotgun Mics

Shotgun microphones provide excellent sound quality when they are within a few feet of the speaker, but they pick up audio up to 90 degrees off the center axis. A parabolic microphone focuses on sound within 15-20 degrees. If the two were cameras, a shotgun would be like a fisheye lens while a parabolic would be a zoom lens.

To Boom Mics

Shotgun mics on a boom pole, or boom mics, offer great clarity but you have to be within a few feet of the speaker, and it’s not always practical to follow your subjects around with a boom pole. With parabolic microphones, you simply point the dish at your subject, which is ideal for moving objects or where a boom pole would get in the shot.

To Lapel Mics:

Lapel mics have often been a solution for long-range audio, but the drawbacks include picking up rustling sounds from fabric rubbing on the microphone, severe drop off when the subject turns their head, and the potential for dead batteries at a key moment. It’s also not always practical to put a mic on every speaker. Parabolic microphones pick up a broader range, allowing you to capture multiple speakers, and can be hardwired to plug into an outlet.

The Secret is in the Dish

While called a parabolic microphone, the KLOVER MiK is technically a collector dish. As sound waves hit its true parabolic shape, they bounce toward a single point in the middle, where a microphone is placed. Its unique design amplifies all noises in front while muffling all sounds behind. The shape of the dish is critical to performance — KLOVER MiKs are created to tolerances of only a few thousandths of an inch.

Thick, ballistics-grade plastics in each KLOVER MiK not only insulate the microphone from background noise, they also prevent any movement within the actual dish, which would disrupt sound clarity. This rigid plastic also provides ideal reflectivity for sound waves.

The Highest Quality & Safety

KLOVER MiKs were originally developed for audio professionals on the sidelines of NFL games, which can be dangerous places to stand. Ballistics-grade plastics not only provide premium sound insulation, they also make the dish virtually unbreakable.

All handles and mic yokes are made from carbon fiber tubes, which are designed to crush into small pieces if broken so they don’t become hazards upon impact. Other manufacturers use metal or PVC, which can create sharp edges if broken.

For more protection, all protruding studs have been removed from the front of the dish.

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