Sound Shark

A Microphone for Independent Filmmakers

Best Microphone For Independent Filmmakers

Independent Filmmakers face many challenges. Tight budgets and limited audio recording capabilities are chief among them. The range and directionality of the Sound Shark microphone goes a long way in solving both of those problems.

The Sound Shark microphone can be placed in the action, yet hidden out of the shot, so independent filmmakers can record dialogue without having to mic each actor. This makes the Sound Shark parabolic mic an excellent choice for independent filmmakers.

Filming near water won’t be any trouble for the Sound Shark. It can be kept a safe distance from any splashing, and by using water-resistant microphones you can expose the Sound Shark mic to even more of the elements. The Sound Shark also works great for recording wildlife or capturing ambient sounds like street noise.

Placing a Sound Shark in front of actors will allow the dialogue between multiple performers to be captured without the need to outfit each one with a microphone. You won’t have to deal with wireless microphones or spend time hiding body packs and wireless mics in clothing.

This video provides a small demonstration of the Sound Shark capturing an entire conversation.

National Geographic Explorer, and Fullbright Fellow, Robert A Boyd III (@boydrb3) used a Sound Shark to capture audio for his project in Barbados.  He recorded this introduction of his project using his Sound Shark mounted on top of his camera 3 to 5 feet in front of him. #fulbright #natgeoexplorer

Setting up a Sound Shark microphone on a stand placed out of camera view, will eliminate the need for a boom operator all together. This gives you more flexibility as you shoot your scene, especially if you are the only cameraman available.

If a boom pole is required, the Sound Shark can be several feet from the speaker(s) allowing a wider shot to be used without seeing a mic.

This sample clip demonstrates the clear audio captured from a speaker in front of a Sound Shark.

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