Sound Shark



These talented individuals have tested the Sound Shark and made valuable suggestions along the path towards its development. We are deeply grateful to them. (They are listed in chronological order as they have all played an important part in the development of the Sound Shark.)

Randy Gardner

Randy Gardner operates Freelander Reality TV in Upland, California. He was the first person to suggest to us the potential usefulness of a small, camera-mountable parabolic. That simple suggestion led to the creation of the professional version of the 9” parabolic, known as the Klover MiK 09 from Klover Products. The MiK 09 would eventually be transformed into the Sound Shark.

Randy tested the very first prototype and provided a sample video that can be found on our Video Gallery page.

Dan Weecks

Dan Weecks operates Weecks Productions in Peoria, Arizona where he also produces a weekly series called Talk Around Town. We met Dan at the 2014 NAB Convention where the professional version of the Sound Shark was introduced. Dan took one of the very early units on a seven-week European tour. While abroad, Dan began production of a reality travel show that he hopes to have completed by mid 2015. Dan created a review for his blog based on this production which can be found on our Reviews page or his YouTube channel.

Will Crockett

Will Crockett has operated a number of photography-based businesses in the Chicago and L.A. areas.  He is also a consultant to companies that manufacture photography products and organizations, like the US military, that want to use photography more effectively. Will is a pioneer in the field of hybrid photography and offers training classes for those interested in entering this field. He disseminates a great deal of free advice through his Hybrid Photography group on LinkedIn.

We asked Will to evaluate the professional version of the Sound Shark after watching one of his training classes. He was the first person to suggest that we create a user-friendly version for hybrid photographers and independent videographers. That suggestion led to the creation of the Sound Shark and ultimately to the birth of Sound Shark Audio. Will has used the Sound Shark on projects that presented serious audio challenges and was kind enough to post reviews on his YouTube channel (also on our Video Reviews page) as well as produce several instructional videos you will see on our Instructional Videos page.