Below Is A List Of Just Some Of The Sound Shark’s User Types

The sound shark mic is designed so that practically anyone can use it to capture high quality sound from a distance, with ease.

The Sound Shark allows wedding videographers to record great long-range sound without being a distraction to the ceremony.

The Sounds Shark effectively allows event videographers to pickup long-range audio while canceling out background noise.

Easily hide the Sound Shark outside of the shot while still capturing high quality sound and dialog.

Sound Shark gives you the ability to capture audio from several actors or presenters while they freely move about the stage.

The vast majority of high schools and colleges have video production programs.  The Sound Shark is a budget friendly product that can drastically improve the audio of your productions.

Many vloggers struggle to capture clear audio for their video blogs. Good audio is essential.  The Sound Shark turns a lapel mic, that you probably already have, into a flexible tool for audio capture.

Stop worrying about hiding microphone wires on your subjects when conducting an interview or any other type of scene.

With The Sound Shark you can match audio to the close up video of birds being filmed from afar – giving viewers an up close and personal experience.

Connect a Sound Shark fitted with a lavaliere directly to your camera, and eliminate the need for an external audio mixer.

GoPro audio is less than ideal in many cases – easily improve the quality of your audio with the Sound Shark as a GoPro Microphone.


Visit our Shark School page to learn more about the technical aspects of the Sound Shark, and its operation.

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