The Sound Shark Parabolic Microphone Will

The Sound Shark parabolic microphone cuts through ambient noise better than a shotgun microphone.  In his video on the range and pick up pattern of the Sound Shark, Will Crockett says “One of the things I really like about Sound Shark is, it’s not what it does record but what what it doesn’t record.”

The Sound Shark can record quality audio from long distances. Normal conversations can be recorded from up to 30 feet – usually more! A Sound Shark parabolic microphone 30 feet away from the source provides almost the same signal level as a standard microphone 5 feet from the same source.

The Sound Shark parabolic microphone allows customers to use a standard lapel (lavaliere) microphone as a long distance microphone.  Sound Shark’s performance is comparable to, or better than, high-end shotgun microphones.

With the Sound Shark parabolic microphone you will not need to thread mic cables through a subject’s clothing or worry about the “ugly bulge.”

The Sound Shark’s parabolic dish shields the microphone from the wind. This feature makes the Sound Shark less susceptible to wind noise than a shotgun microphone. And, the available “dead cat” wind screen provides even more resistance to wind noise.

The Sound Shark parabolic microphone’s long range eliminates the need for a boom, and the boom operator, in most instances.  It’s small size allows the unit to be mounted directly to a video camera using the hot shoe mount. The hot shoe adapter can also be removed which allows the Sound Shark to be mounted to a light stand, Magic Arm, or just about anything with a 1/4-20 thread.

The Sound Shark can be used wirelessly with a wireless lapel (lavaliere) microphone system such as a body pack. Using a wireless microphone lets you place the Sound Shark parabolic microphone nearly anywhere relative to your camera. The distance is limited only by your wireless system, not the microphone itself.

Sound Shark Design Features:

The Sound Shark is based on the same technology that television networks have used to pick up the on-field sounds of professional sports for many years. Klover Products, our parent company, made the parabolic microphones used at the 2014 Super Bowl and the 2014 World Series.

The Sound Shark’s dish is manufactured to very tight tolerances, only a few thousandths of an inch, to insure the best possible audio signal. The inexpensive parabolic dishes that you see offered on eBay or in magazines will not provide the quality audio that the Sound Shark provides.

The Sound Shark’s design allows the frame and dish to break away from the mounting block, if a collision should occur, without damaging your video camera.

After testing the break-away joint in various situations we recommend leaving two screws in the joint if you are mounting the Sound Shark to your camera.  If you are mounting your Sound Shark on a stand or bracket, using all four screws will provide a bit more stability.  Obviously we can not take responsiblity for damage to your camera that may occur if it is dropped or hits another object.  The video below shows a sample of our testing.

Please Note:

  • A U.S. Patent has been issued covering the unique construction of the Sound Shark.
  • The Sound Shark is intended for video production applications. If you record a private conversation, you are in danger of being accused of not only eavesdropping on the conversation, but wiretapping as well.  Please consult your local laws.