Sound Shark

Event Videographer Microphone

The Perfect Microphone For Event Videographers

Event Videographers often face the dilemma of how to record an event without becoming a distraction. The problem is easily solved with the Sound Shark microphone. By utilizing the long-range recording capabilities and versatile directionality of the Sound Shark, event videographers can stay out of the way and still capture perfect audio. The Sound Shark also allows videographers to pick up long-range audio while canceling out background noise.

An additional option for recording audio is to place a few Sound Shark microphones in strategic, concealed locations near the event speakers or performers. This will enable event videographers to record audio to a secondary camera, such as a GoPro or digital recorder. The Sound Shark can also be used with a lapel microphone that most special event videographers already have in their toolkit.

Recording a group of speakers at a meeting or panel discussion can be extremely difficult. Sometimes there just aren’t enough microphones. This doesn’t have to be a problem. A Sound Shark placed just 10 feet from the panel can pick up as many as 3 speakers, seated side-by-side, simultaneously.

Placing a Sound Shark in a stratigic location will allow multiple speakers to rotate in and out without the need for individual microphones. Hiding body packs and microphones, and dealing with the tangle of too many wireless mics, takes up the speaker’s valuable time and may distract them from their speech.

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