Production companies require a broad range of tools to properly perform their jobs. Every day presents a new challenge in determining the best way to capture audio. That’s why the versatility and quality of a Sound Shark parabolic microphone is essential.  Production companies will appreciate how ideal the Sound Shark is as a long-distance microphone.  It can replace and even out-perform shotgun microphones.

The Sound Shark is also great for picking up audio from a group of actors on stage or several speakers at a forum. It can even give presenters the freedom to move about a stage, so they’re not be stuck at the podium – and, with a Sound Shark parabolic microphone your sound technicians no longer have to suffer through those awkward moments of running microphones through the clothing of subjects.


Three's A Crowd

Recording the interactions of a group of people can pose a challenge with traditional microphones, but with a Sound Shark you can to capture the audio of an entire group with a single lapel mic connected directly to your camera.

Check out this sample video to hear for yourself.

Sample Clip

This sample clip demonstrates the clear audio captured from a speaker in front of a Sound Shark.

Your Story

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