Sound Shark

Long Distance Microphone for Sound Technicians

Versatile Microphone For Production Companies

Production companies require a broad range of tools to properly perform their jobs. Every day presents a new challenge in determining the best way to capture audio. That’s why the versatility and quality of a Sound Shark parabolic microphone is essential. Production companies will appreciate how ideal the Sound Shark is as a long-distance microphone. It can replace and even out-perform shotgun microphones.

The Sound Shark is also great for picking up audio from a group of actors on stage or several speakers at a forum. It can even give presenters the freedom to move about a stage, so they’re not be stuck at the podium – and, with a Sound Shark parabolic microphone your sound technicians no longer have to suffer through those awkward moments of running microphones through the clothing of subjects.

Tony Fant Jr uses a Sound Shark to capture local sporting events. He says “The sound is superb, makes my
productions so much better. Definitely feel more professional using the Sound Shark.” and ” It ‘s quality is so good. I get compliments on my audio.”

Check out Tony’s videos on his Facebook page.

tl productions website

National Geographic Explorer, and Fullbright Fellow, Robert A Boyd III (@boydrb3) used a Sound Shark to capture audio for his project in Barbados.  He recorded this introduction of his project using his Sound Shark mounted on top of his camera 3 to 5 feet in front of him. #fulbright #natgeoexplorer

stella mike livestream setupJim Wellbrock and his partner use a Sound Shark to capture audio for their
Northern Lights VB streams and YouTube channel.

Jim Says “I thought it worked very well and added a new dimension to our
broadcast. We were in a wide-open convention center and there were roughly 30 volleyball courts setup, so a ton of ambient noise to fight through. Still, the Sound Shark did a great job and was a nice upgrade to our shotgun mics.

We are 100% portable, battery powered, single tripod so we can move quickly but still provide a good quality video and audio stream.

Thanks so much for the fast service and looking forward to using the Sound Shark in the future for our live streaming.”

northern light 05 16 2021

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Recording the interactions of a group of people can pose a challenge with traditional microphones, but with a Sound Shark you can to capture the audio of an entire group with a single lapel mic connected directly to your camera.

Check out this sample video to hear for yourself.

This sample clip demonstrates the clear audio captured from a speaker in front of a Sound Shark.

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