Sound Shark

Wedding Videography

Perfect Microphone For Wedding Videography

The Sound Shark parabolic microphone is perfect for wedding videography, because it allows wedding videographers to record long-range sound without becoming a distraction to the wedding ceremony.

The Sound Shark’s pickup pattern allows the bride, groom and officiant to be recorded clearly without the need for individual microphones. The Sound Shark parabolic microphone also works great for recording those special family moments that occur before the ceremony and at the reception. The Sound Shark’s versatile directionality can pick up the audio of your intended subject while minimizing ambient noise.

The trick of to Wedding Videography is to record the ceremony without becoming a part of it. In many cases videographers are banished from the stage. With the inconspicuous placement of one or more Sound Shark microphones, wedding videographers can record great audio of the vows while not diverting any attention away from the happy couple. You can also incorporate the Sound Shark with a GoPro or voice recorder and synchronize them with your primary audio source during production.

Don’t miss any touching or humorous toasts to the newly wedded couple, due to the clapping or clinking glasses of wedding guests. Even if the toasters aren’t using a PA system, the long range of the Sound Shark makes it possible to amplify them and record their speeches over the background noise of guests.

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