Sound Shark

Quality Audio for Educators

Quality Audio For Educators

The vast majority of high schools and colleges have video production programs.  Sports at both levels are broadcast or streamed.

Unfortunately, most of these educational programs don’t have unlimited budgets for audio equipment.  As a result the audio often suffers.  The Sound Shark is a budget friendly product that can drastically improve the audio of your productions.

The Sound Shark can provide on-field sounds that a shotgun mic just can’t match by providing greater range and focus than a shotgun.  This can greatly improve the audio portion of your video production.  They are used to broadcast or stream classes, meetings, special programs, plays, and yes, even sporting events.  (Please note that because of their extreme sensitivity, Sound Sharks are very difficult to use for sound reinforcement / PA systems.)

To make the Sound Shark more available to educators we have instituted a discount program for education institutions.  Learn more about this discount program here.

Tom White, of School Video News, reviewed the Sound Shark. His evaluation?

“I have to say that I was blown away by the difference between the Sound Shark and the shotgun microphone. I had trouble when I was shooting because I tended to zoom in more than I needed to because it felt like the audio didn’t match the shot. It felt fake while I was shooting. The audio was too clean to be that far away.”

Watch Tom’s demonstration of the Sound Shark’s range and focus of at a high school baseball game, on the left, or read the full review here.

How does the Sound Shark compare to a shotgun mic for sports? A Sound Shark customer made this video comparison at a youth soccer match.

Does on-field sound really improve your overall production? We created a demonstration of the difference on-field sound made to the production of a high school rugby tournament. Both programs were produced by the same production company one year apart. The on-field sound, provided by a parabolic microphone, was the difference.

Have you used a Sound Shark in a unique way to record wedding videos? Share your story with us and we will send you a Sound Shark T-shirt!

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