The videos in this gallery are reviews from users who have tried the Sound Shark. The reviews cover various aspects of the Sound Shark including ease of setup, usage and applications, as well as comparisons to other microphones.

School Video News Sound Shark Review

Tom White, of School Video News, reviewed the Sound Shark.  His evaluation?

“I have to say that I was blown away by the difference between the Sound Shark and the shotgun microphone. I had trouble when I was shooting because I tended to zoom in more than I needed to because it felt like the audio didn’t match the shot. It felt fake while I was shooting. The audio was too clean to be that far away.”

Watch Tom’s demonstration of the Sound Shark’s range and focus of at a high school baseball game, on the left, or read the full review here.

Sound Shark microphone

The guys from Gear Dads did an extremely thorough review of the Sound Shark and its professional/broadcast version.  It includes extensive sample videos.

Emm from CheesyCam published this reviewed of the Sound Shark that includes some interesting sample videos.