The KLOVER MiK lets you capture sound from greater distances – with more focus than any standard microphone.

Your Production is hard enough

You need a microphone that’s not going to send you scrambling because of dead batteries or interference, or waste hours of your time trying to fix problems in post-production. Whether you are 5 or 500 feet away, simply point the KLOVER MiK parabolic microphone at the action and enjoy clear audio that amplifies your subject while minimizing background noise.

What makes KLOVER MiK unique?

It's all about the shape!

  • EManufactured to tolerances of only a few thousandths of an inch, KLOVER MiK was the first true parabolic microphone on the market and remains the gold standard for audio production.
  • EAmplify the audio you want while minimizing unwanted ambient noise
  • ECapture audio from much greater distances than typical microphones
  • ECapture comments from audience or classroom without passing a microphone.
  • ECapture audio from a safe distance with out putting the sound man in danger, or in the shot .

When it comes to long-range audio, there is simply no comparison.

Lapel Microphone
  • 1% 1%
Hand-held Microphone
  • 1% 1%
Shotgun Microphone
  • 3% 3%


  • 10% 10%


  • 50% 50%


  • 100% 100%
0 500+

Maximum Usable Range (Feet)

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We’re with you every step of the way, from troubleshooting installation to helping with network approval.

Choose your MiK

Select your KLOVER MiK model based on size and range. If you are not sure, schedule a consultation call for personalized recommendations.

Build your kit

Choose from our selection of accessories to suit your particular application. If needed, schedule a consultation call for help with your selections.


Enjoy less stress, having confidence in the reliability and performance of your long-range microphone.

Capture the Sound You Want, Minimize What You Don’t

All Klover products are hand built in Wisconsin with more than 90% domestically sourced material.

The small size of a parab was intriguing but I wanted to hear it. I have used the parab on Wrestling and on Judo. Due to the small size of the dish, it didn’t stand out in the shot. I heard this ‘tearing’ noise and couldn’t figure out what it was. Finally I saw a person pulling masking tape off a roll 30 feet away from the parab! It doesn’t have a tin can sound, nor does it have a resonant hum. Overall you could say I was pleased with my purchase, but maybe a better term would be ecstatic.

Rodney Kobayakawa
HI Pro Streaming, NEP (Retired), Author

“We hear things that were all but impossible to get before. KLOVER MiK has become the industry standard.”

Fred Alous
Senior mixer for FOX Sport, Audio consultant

“I was impressed with not only the quality of the materials used to build the Klover parabolic microphones, but also the clarity and presence of the audio.”

Dan Weecks
Weecks Productions

“In my opinion, there is really no comparison between the Big Ears Parabolic Microphone and the KLOVER MiK. The Klover microphone has a much tighter pickup pattern. The Klover microphone has a completely different focus method and sounds much more like a condenser shotgun microphone.”

Jason Martin
Jason Martin Audio

“Last season I contacted Paul at Klover and he sent me a demo kit of the KLOVER MiK 26. I used them on one football game and was instantly sold. I heard sounds in the game that I had never heard with the Big Ears brand dish and certainly more than the Jony Shot has ever produced. I took them to the 103rd Grey Cup and we used them side by side with another product. There was no comparison! You instantly knew what parabolic mic Dave the mixer was tracking. I am happy to say I will not be using any other product on any football broadcast I am part of.”

Steve Koubridis
Sound Engineer, Steve Koubridis Audio Services

“I used them (KLOVER MiK 16s) for the 2013 ALCS and World Series, and they worked great. I also used them for the MLB series in Sydney, Australia, where I was forced to be much further from the action than normal, and they performed really well. I will definitely use them again.”

Joe Carpenter
Audio Engineer, Baseball Mixer Extraordinaire

“The parabs (KLOVER MiK 16s) are great. We have only gotten to use them with volleyball and soccer broadcasts, but they have really added a great sound to the show!”

Weston Carter
Director of Video Services, Media Systems
Auburn Athletics Department

“I can say it (KLOVER MiK 16) localizes and amplifies/concentrates the animal vocalizations better than any other technology I have used.”

Kathryn Rohr
Nature enthusiast

“We just finished our first home stand we loved the (KLOVER MiK-16) Parabs! They sound great! You can hear the pop of the mitt and the crack of the bat so crisply. They look sharp on television as well.”

Andrew Halverson
Director, Broadcast
Minnesota Twins Baseball Club

“I had a setup I’ve used for baseball for several years, but at the Little League World Series we had to setup the shotgun mics back in a hallway that had the scorekeepers and other people walking around. I always ended up capturing “extra voices.” When I switched to the Klover (KLOVER MiK 16), all that went away.”

Devin Barnhart
ESPN Audio Mixer

“The amazing beauty of your product (KLOVER MiK-09) is that in about a minute one can use whatever lav they have as one of the world’s farthest reaching mics simply by inserting it into the parabolic dome! One can use their lav in a sit-down interview one minute and a couple of minutes later as a fantastic shotgun. And we can easily afford to use two mics at once; one for the person talking on the left and the other for the person talking on the right.”
Randy Gardner
Freelander Reality TV

“With Klover, I simply had the best customer service experience of my entire life, and I have been talking about it with my co-workers ever since.”
Matthew Cunningham
Audio Technician

“I appreciate all of your help with meeting our needs and providing a great product.”
Chase Williams
Audio Engineer – Auburn University

“They (the KLOVER MiK 16) simply did what other mics couldn’t do.  We pick up sounds and hear conversations happening at a whisper level at a great distance.  This is something that other microphones and other audio technologies simply couldn’t do based on the distance of these boats to the camera.”
Dan Beckham
Broadcast / Social Media Coordinator – Head of The Charles Regatta

“My team recently purchased a KLOVER MiK 16 Sound Shield and are thrilled with the performance. We are looking to buy a couple more full KLOVER MiK 16 SS kits as a result.”
Tactical Ops/CTC-IS NCOIC
US Army National Training Center Operations Group

Wide Range of Application

While the KLOVER MiK was created for major networks, other industries benefit from it’s unparalleled performance in long-range audio.

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