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My New ME2 Won’t Plug Into My Camera!


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Paul Terpstra

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I have used Sennheiser ME2 lapel microphones for quite a while now for testing the Sound Shark in various situations. I was lucky enough to find a matching pair of used ME2 microphones and they have worked wonderfully on my Canon 5D3. So when Will Crockett asked me to provide a Sound Shark with microphone I ordered a new ME2. I was quite surprised when Will reported that the new mic would not plug into his Lumix GH3.

It turns out that Sennheiser has changed the connector that they use. The ME2 is intended to be used with their wireless microphone systems. The connector includes a threaded collar so the microphone can be firmly attached to the transmitter pack. On the older units that threaded collar slides back far enough that the microphone can be plugged into a standard 3.5mm jack as well as the transmitter packs. The new ME2 microphone no longer allows that collar to slide and unfortunately that keeps the microphone from being used with anything but the Sennheiser transmitters. This change led us to do more research into the best microphone and we think we have found a less expensive microphone with equal performance.

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