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Customers Defend the Sound Shark


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Paul Terpstra

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As is often the case on websites these days, some negative comments were made about the Sound Shark on  However, two of our customers came to our defense.

Peter wrote:

“I bought mine a few months ago.  I’m videotaping kids in a interview style, in loud cafeteria’s and on the little league fields with all sorts of background chatter. The only comment I have to share is IT WORKS!  My staff and I were amazed the first time we went out and the conditions were simply awful with over 100 kids in a cafeteria basically yelling.  That darn Shark worked even with the kids that were mumbling & I couldn’t hear them from the camera 4 feet away!  It’s a great system and I feel it’s worth the money.  I just bought a second one because our business is growing with this volume idea we came up with. I hope it continues to grow and I buy 10 more.  Do yourself a favor folks.  Don’t be cheap!  Go buy yourself professional equipment if you want to look professional and most of all, don’t be a “know it all” saying it can’t work, when you haven’t even used the product.”

Michelle wrote:

“I was amazed at the quality the shark audio. For me, one less step I need to do in post production is more free time for me. The recording is high quality straight into camera, no hiss noise. I also have the Zoom H1. I compared My Sound Shark to my shot gun mic, a lav mic and the quality and simplicity was great. For me it just comes down to quality and simplicity. And just for extra points no need for batteries on the shark audio, you are always ready to work. I got mine for about $450 including the lav mic. I do this for a living, what I paid for it, gets paid off with one job. Was is worth what I paid, no brainer “YES””

Thanks so much for the support!

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