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Now You Can Mount LED Lights To Your Sound Shark

Sound Shark with LED Video Lights for long-range audio capture

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Paul Terpstra

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We are excited to release our new LED version of the Sound Shark.  This new version includes our new bracket that allows you to attach two shoe mount accessories to the base of the Sound Shark.

Sound-Shark-with-Video-LightsThere are always multiple things to mount to your camera and we have been looking for solutions to this problem for quite a long time.  Mounting the Sound Shark on top of the camera is ideal but it takes up the shoe mount.  One thing often mounted on top of the camera is an LED light.  We had considered constructing a version with a set of LED elements embedded into the outside frame.  Then we discovered Lume Cube at CES last year.  A Lume Cube is a very unique LED light small enough to work in concert with the Sound Shark  while providing a great amount of light.

Each Lume Cube light can generate up to 1500 lumens, in a package that is just 1.5” in each direction, and the battery lasts 2 hours at 50% power.  They are waterproof, include a ¼-20 mount, and charge via a USB cable.  In addition, they can be controlled via a Bluetooth app if desired.  They can even double as a strobe for still photography.  They are quite unique.

As a result we created a new mounting bracket, to use in replace of the standard mounting bracket, and created the LED version of the Sound Shark .  Any two shoe mount accessories you like can be mounted to the new bracket but we feel that mounting lights is an ideal solution to this common problem.

We have had remarkable success using this multi-shoe mic/light arrangement. Give it a try and let us know what you think. Find out more on the product page of the new Sound Shark LED.

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