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Patent Received For Small Parabolic Microphone

Klover MiK KlearShot

Klover Products recently received its second patent from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. This patent covers the design of the smallest of Klover Products’ parabolic microphones (collectors) sold as the KLOVER MiK 09.   A separate patent was previously granted for the design of Klover Products’ larger models sold as the KLOVER MiK 16 and the KLOVER MiK 26.

The small parabolic provides a great alternative to shotgun microphones and has been popular with small production companies.

Klover Products parabolic microphone patent US-9992569 Patent(650x480)

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Klover Products is now a leading manufacturer of parabolic microphones. The KLOVER MiK is used across the globe – trusted by major networks, such as FOX, CBS, and ESPN, as well as universities and government agencies.


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