The Klover MiK-09 Makes It To The NCAA Tournament!

Dave Grundtvig, an audio engineer that has been mixing basketball for Turner Sports and CBS Sports for years, tested the Klover MiK-09 at the NBA Summer League this past summer and loved it. He has since purchsed two of his own units and been using them for both college and NBA basketball games, including the NBA All-Star game. This month Dave will be using the small parabolics for the NCAA tournament games in Pittsburgh and L.A.

“We spent a lot of time experimenting with placements,” says Grundtvig, “but a combination of using the 9-in. parab and where it’s placed on the backboard perfectly mimics the three-point circle on the court.” He went on to say, “It’s pretty mind-blowing what you can hear through them: the chatter and the ball sounds and the air in between them.”

See an article about this story on the Sports Video Group website.

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